Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 22, 2004

Abridged movie reviews: Troy

Troy was very impressive, for the most part. Visually the movie was top notch, it was BEAUTIFUL, it was everything a CGI laden movie should be (Do you hear that Lucas?). Honestly, the scenery, the backgrounds, the sheer size of everything, even the costumes were all very well done (and thank goodness they took some small liberties with wardrobe and and covered up the naughty bits).

On the other hand the story at times seemed a tad muddled, but nothing overly bad. The acting may be the low point, not that it wasn't an overall good job by the actors it just seemed most of the performances didn't have that certain "oomph" needed to push the emotion over. It did seem like half of the case was too "modern" for this kind of flick.

Overall I give it a watch-worthy and possible DVD purchase, if not a definite rent.

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