Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 15, 2004

X-Box Askewed Pt. 2

notice the subtle name change, I felt it fit me better than one that I may have accidently stolen (Damn and here I was thinking I was creative, until I was really thinking).

I got the chip installed perfectly fine, in fact it was pretty easy if not nerve wracking. But the install went nice, in fact the most difficult part was moving the controller port out of it's resting spot so I could slide the wire for the external switch through. But with a little effort and patience I was able to get that done as well, and I must say I'm happy with the results.

Reflashing the Bios would have been a lot easier, had I not been a complete tool to start with. So it seems simple enough right, get the files, burn the disk and boot it up .. Well under normal circumstances (and a right thinking brain) that would be no problemo but for me there was an error on the first try. What did I think.. well I must have gotten the wrong bios file maybe.. when the second attempt didn't work it was obvious to me I was burning the CD wrong.. so about 35 minutes of fighting I look at the external switch.. HELLO MCFLY I had the thing in "protected" mode.. obviously if it's protected teh Bios isn't going to be able to be written over... one flip of a switch bingo blamo new Bios installed, yay for me.

Might I just say the Media Center is awesome.

I still have some links to sort out and when I do I'll put them up here in an organized way.t

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