Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 08, 2005

Empty Shelves

Empty space I see
Personality was there
I will miss this place

Ok so it's been a very long time since I've written a Haiku and it shows.

I seriously hate packing, I've packed up 2 bookshelves, one full of personal reads and the other jam packed with my college books.. My room does not look nearly right without them. Next step is the closet and the superfluous computer gear (games/programs I don't use anything spare at all etc...) After that Probably wall hangings and CD's I don't listen too often enough to keep unpacked.. Last thing to be packed will be PC and DVD's as I'm uncomfortable with putting those in boxes and not seeing them to make sure they are still there... Gonna have to figure out when the Anime has to be put away as well... thats not gonna be fun to pack.

You know if only I had an iPod I could do the CD's very quickly.... Oops and I promised myself I wouldn't throw in anymore extremely cheap/cheesy plugs to try and get my free iPod for a while..

Ok back to reality and trying to figure out what belongings I use enough to keep out of boxes for as long as possible.

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