Thursday, February 01, 2007

October 07, 2005

I aim to misbehave

Just got back from seeing Serenity for the second time. I'm claiming that it holds up incredibly well to second viewings, which means it'll stand up to even more.

Again it's difficult to write without being spoilerific but I'm trying. I can say the the emotional surprises still get you the second time around. Just because you know something is coming doesn't mean it won't affect you, in fact since you know it is coming it kind of has a prolonged effect (pre and post event) that includes the happy and the sad of course. It is also easier to notice the little things the second time around. I noticed the music much more this time, it's a mixed bag for me. I really enjoyed the actual music, but there really wasn't a whole lot of it that you could hear, which is understandable in a movie there needs to constantly be something happening, however the scenes where Serenity was just flying were beautifully done, the silence of space combined with the music just did it for me.

Of course there are still things I didn't exactly like, and thinks I wish were different but I feel the good nearly obliterates the bad this time around.

It I wasn't convinced before today's viewing for sure put my name on the preorder list for the DVD release.

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