Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 08, 2005

The melodies of my mind flow as smoothly as Vogon poetry

So Promo has managed to stump me with a piece of Trek trivia. I won't lie, it does hurt a little... I used to think that the fact that I was so good at Trek trivia meant I had a misspent childhood... now I believe the fact that I've missed a piece seems even worse.

I'll survive though, and chances are after the big reveal I will never forget what I've learned.

One good thing that came about the question that was posed is that it got me back into a Trek state of mind, which allowed me to remember that about a week ago I saw a link over on Wil Wheaton dot net to stream or download his reading from Gnomedex 4.0. The readings are Here for Part 1, and Here for Part 2. I really enjoyed listening.

I still plan on picking up Wil's books for my next read but I now also plan on picking up the audio versions of them as well whenever they come out, the reading really does add a dynamic to the stories for me.

... So wait what was my original point?

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