Thursday, February 01, 2007

December 04, 2005

All Our Yesterdays

Just a couple random pics from my my pics folder, cause I'm a bit bored

So I thought I would make a little comment on the qualit of the pictures. I realize the quality of them is kind of low, on the moblog normally I am able to use the "It was a phone camera what do you expect?" defense.

For these pictures on the other hand I actually did use a Sony Cybershot 32. megapixel camera. I know this camera to be capable of some just awesome pictures, in fact I've taken one or two that I think rock myself.

So for the Italian house prayer the quality is all my fault, I take the blame for it being a bit wonky. Taking the picture was kind of spur of the moment thing. While unpacking it and trying to decide where to hang it an argument over what it meant ensued. Naturally I went to the internet to find out, that is when I grabbed the camera and mangled the photo with a flash glare.

As for the quality on the picture of the sky I have a far better excuse, a few of them actually. First the picture was taken from a moving car, a difficult task but since I was going freehand I think I held the camera pretty straight. Another thing is I used a program to downsize the picture automatically, I do still have the large sized file on my end and I assure you it does look a bit better.

I need to dig out the book on my camera and see if I can set it to save in a format other then jpg. Going through some of the stuff I've shot with this camera made me realize photography can be really fun, especially when you can actually take a GOOD picture.

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