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May 09, 2005

Recap Is WAR

I'm not sure why I decided to do this tonight, I've never done anything of the sort before but since I watch WWE Raw anyway I decided to type up a recap of what happened tonight.

Originally I planned on putting my opinions down on the show, but it has gotten late and I Have to pack some more so that will be my project for tomorrow hopefully.. I will say that after the show last week this week was a let down for sure in my eyes.

We open up with a recap of last weeks tournament happenings, emphasis is given to Triple H vs. Chris Benoit. As the package ends and the show begins Triple H's music hits and he walks his way to the ring, making sure to take his time.

Before Trips can say a word the crowd is all over him with the ?You tapped out? chant, Trips can't take it anymore and goes out to look a group of fans face to face from the floor. Of course he doesn't say or do anything to them, but he does get face to face with them, and he looked quite angry.

Once back in the ring Trips starts out by claiming that the Gold Rush Tournament match last week didn't matter since the entire tournament was bogus since he was screwed during his title rematch. He should be allowed another rematch for the belt but Eric Bischoff doesn't want it to happen because he is afraid of HHH because Eric feels that Batista is easier than HHH to keep under control.

Batista's music hits and he heads down to the ring. He has come down to ?Face his fears?. He only has one real request of Trips at this point, ?remind me of one thing, what is it that I'm afraid of again??. Batista mentions that he has fought HHH two times and won beat him two times, he also brings up the fact that HHH couldn't even make it out of the first round of the Gold Rush Tournament. Hunter gets pretty upset when Batista says ?Maybe you're just not good enough to face me again? which prompts the crowd to once again chant ?You Tapped Out?.

Hunter says that statement is amusing, but that title that Batista is holding means nothing until you go through HHH, not some fluke victory but go though the man. Hunter makes the claim that Batista needs him a lot more than he needs Batista as he IS the measuring stick by which all others in the business are compared. He tells Batista if he wants to screw with him that is fine, he'll just walk right out... and then to everyones surprise he starts walking.

Batista grabs the mic as Hunter walks and tell him that the only thing he defines is a sore loser.


Back from Commercial we see Hunter storming out to his car with Ric Flair in tow trying to talk him out of leaving the arena. Hunter Drives off without him after Flair refuses to leave with him, he'd rather stay and talk to Bischoff about the problem.

Back at ringside we see Hassan and Daivari coming down the isle, Daivari in wrestling gear. They air the clip of Hassan disciplining Daivari from last week, Daivari grabs the mic and tells Hassan he knows he let him down last Sunday, he even problaims ?I'm not even worthy of your friendship? but he knows what he can do to make it up to him. Daivair says he will take on any challenger from the back as a way of proving his worth to Hassan, Chris Jericho's music hits and we find out challenger.

Match one of the evening starts out with some decent action, Jericho stayed ahead until he charged the corner and slammed his shoulder into the post. Daivari jumped the opportunity and kept on the shoulder giving it a little working over, Jericho managed to turn the tables again and get Daivari stuck on the ropes where he started waving and asking Hassan for some assistance. Hassan just stood and watched until Jericho finally got Daivari in the walls of Jericho. As soon as Daivari tapped out Hassan was in the ring attacking Jericho until Shelton Benjamin ran out to make the save.


We come back and see Christy Hemme in Eric Bischoff's office asking him if it's true that the Divas will be available in the upcoming draft, she is told that yes in fact everyone which does include the Divas are included and available to be drafted. In fact Eric hopes that after the disrespect Christy gave him last week he hopes that she goes to Smackdown.

La Resistance bursts into the office to interrupt the discussion, they demand a title rematch tonight. After Eric brings up their match last week they take turns blaming each other for the loss. Eric tells them that they will each have a singles match tonight against mystery opponents and they will find out just who is the tougher of the two.

Now we cut to Ric Flair on his cell phone apparently talking to HHH and singing his praises. Christian interrupts the call telling him that since Ric was the first person to console him last week after his loss in the Gold Rush tournament. Christian told Ric that if he needs someone to suck up to 24/7 he can always suck up to him. Ric challenges him to a match tonight, challenge is accepted and an exchange of Whooo's happens (with Christians being kind of weak).


After commercial we are treated to some cool footage from 17 years ago tonight of Jerry ?The King? Lawler beating Curt Hennig for the AWA Title.

Sylvan Grenier makes his way to the ring accompanied by Rob Conway. Sylvan's opponent is revealed to be Viscera. As the match starts Rob Conway heads back to the locker room with a smirk on his face. The match starts with Viscera pretty much dominating Sylvan, until he misses a big splash and Sylvan comes back with a missle dropkick from the top rope which leads to a 2 count. Viscera comes back and catches Grenier in a sitdown powerbomb for the 3 count and the win.

After the match Viscera spots a ?fan? with some nachos and asks if he can have one of his nachos. The fan says yes of course and Big Visc takes one nacho with one hand and grabs the whole plate with the other. He then heads over to Lillian and dances around infront of her eating some nachos, he then asks Lillian if she would announce the winner of the match just one more time. He likes the way she says his name and asks if she wants some of his nachos, he then places a nacho in his teeth and forces Lillian to take it with hers, afterwards he does a little grinding on her and heads out.

Now we come to Kane in the back as Lita enters the locker room, Kane is rocking back and forth. Lita asks him what is wrong, he claims it's nothing, he is just thinking about ?us?. Kane remembers that it was nine months ago that they got married and Lita said she hoped he rots in hell. Kane says he always gets what he wants, Lita makes the same claim, Kane says that is what makes them such a ?cute couple? they kiss and walk off.

-Commercial- (note, 50 minutes in and 2 short matches down)

We come back just in time for Kane's pyro to hit and Kane with Lita(and her crutch) head to the ring. Next out is Chris Benoit, this will be a semi final match of the Gold Rush tournament.

Kane shoves Benoit into the corner, benoit counters with a chop that knocks Kane back enough for him to duck behind Kane and avoid getting hit. We see Batista watching the match presumably scouting for the winner. Some Benoit chopping action is followed up by Kane reversing an irish whip into the corner and then giving Benoit a sidewalk slam covering him for a 2 count. Kane applies a chinlock but Benoit elbows his way free, runs to the ropes attempting a sunset flip pin which Kane kicks out of. Kane gets Benoit in a modified chinlock but again Benoit struggles his way free, he breaks the hold but is promptly thrown to the corner another 2 count pin attempt follows. Benoit comes back again using chops and once again attempts to whip Kane into the ropes but has it reversed again, this time ending in a big boot. Kane attempts an attack from the top rope but is met with a dropkick from Benoit on the way down. Benoit follows with 5 connected German Suplexes, Benoit signals the end and heads to the ropes as Kane sits up frustrating Benoit who runs to the ropes and dropkicks Kane in the head again, Benoit quickly gets to the top rope and hits Kane with the headbutt which gets him another 2 count pin attempt. Benoit gives Kane an inziguri and kicks him out of the ring, he then threatens a suicide dive which makes Kane jump back and Lita go back falling against the rail, falling to the ground grabbing at her injured knee. Benoit heads out to check on her and help her up when Kane jumps him from behind, he then throws him into the ring and attempts a chokeslam which Benoit breaks out of, Kane follows up by clubbing Benoit in the back of the head and again going for and hitting the chokeslam which gains him the win.


Flair makes his entrance and waits in the ring. Christians music hits and he comes out in street clothes while Tyson Tomko is in his gear ready for a fight. Christian tells Flair that if he wants a piece of him he has to go through Tyson first.

During the match Flair gets Tomko in a figure four but Christian interferes and is then promptly ejected from ringside, while Christian is walking down the isle and the ref is distracted Flair hits Tomko with a low blow and gets the cover for a 3 count and the win. Christian doesn't seem very happy as we cut to Commercial


Once back we are treated to some pictures that have already been sent in for this years Diva Search.

JR and Jerry talk about HHH walking out earlier in the night, they then show a recap of his departure.

Next out is Stacy, her segment starts out with a nice plug for her issue of Stuff, they preview some of the pictures from the issue. Stacy thanks, she then requests they put the first picture back up on the Tron. Stacy claims that is her favorite picture because those are her very favorite panties, in fact she is wearing them right now. She asks if the audience would like to see them, then she starts taking her belt off and unzipping her skirt. Of course her zipper gets stuck so she has to ask Todd for a (shaky) hand.

Of course before we get to see the goods there is an interruption, this time it happens to be Simon Dean and Maven making their way to the ring. Simon berates the fans and tells Stacy she wastes her time with them. Maven gets on the mic and claims that HE is the beautiful creature that is in the ring at the moment, and he owes it all to the Simon System. Maven goes on to ?size up? Stacy while Simon mixes up one of his health drinks. They tell Stacy to have a drink but she refuses which prompts them to tell her that they were not asking her to drink they were telling her. Stacy ?accidentally? drops the shake, Simon and Maven start yelling at her to pick up it, they then get a little physical with her. Hurricanes music hits as he and Rosey run in to rescue Stacy, they lift her up onto their shoulders as Stacy makes the Hurrisign

Back in Eric Bischoff's office we see Coach talking about how great the show is tonight, even sighting the cool ECW commercial prompting Bischoff to get angry and say he thought he took care of that, he doesn't want any money from Heyman and certainly doesn't want them to advertise on his show.


Next up we have the second La Resistance match of the night

Enter Rob Conway and his surprise opponent Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. Conway starts out strong, they go back and forth a bit with a few alternating 2 count pin attempts. A whole lot of back and forth good action until Shelton finally gets the 3 count pin.

On the ramp as Shelton is leaving he is jumped by Hassan and Daivari, he fights back and nearly gets them down but eventually he is overpowered and goes down. Hassan and Daivari exit as we then cut to see Edge warming up before his match which is next.


After commercial we are shown John Cena's music video ?Bad Bad Man? in it's entirety.

Now in the back we are treated to an interview with Shawn Michaels by Maria who starts out the interview by messing up Shawn's name. Shawn praises the work of Shelton Benjamin and then goes on to say that Edge will not be having a good night tonight.


Graphics are shown promoting next weeks already announced matches.

Next up the last Gold Rush Tournament semi finals match.

Edge /w briefcase enter the ring. Shawn then makes his entrance, he seems to trip just a little bit.


Back in the middle of the action we see a lot of back and forth going on, no one is clearly ahead of the other for long. Again we see Batista looking on scoping out the contestants. Shawn throws Edge into the corner where he nearly collides with the ref but stops himself just in time, Shawn rushes on Edge who dodges causing Shawn to take the ref out of commission. Shawn ends up getting a superkick on Edge and goes for the pin however with no ref there can be no count. Shawn gets up to wake the ref and has little success, Edge goes for his briefcase, Shawn chases him down and jumps over the top rope attempting a sunset flip on Edge who has the briefcase and uses it on Shawn, the ref comes wake up just enough to count 3 and award Edge the match.

Thats all folks

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