Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 24, 2004

surviving vs. living

My life lacks passion, doesn't that just about suck?...

It's not quite as dramatic as that sentence would have you believe, but I've really just realized there is nothing in my life that drives me, I've not found a thing that really snaps my head back and makes me think "Man I've just gotta be a part of that".

People talk often about finding something that they are 'passionate' about, something that they just love, something that is special or means something to them, I just do not have anything of that caliber. Often times when I think about this sort of thing it makes me realize that I am sort of just surviving life and not living it, on the same token I also am not quite sure I possess the capacity or the drive to make the big changes that need to be made to switch from surviving to living.

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