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September 23, 2004

LCS 3 quick thoughts

I have to say Last Comic Standing season 3 is doing a good job of erasing the bad memories that LCS2 was pretty full of. This time around thankfully the emphasis has shifted back to the comedy instead of the silly in house drama that in my eyes took away from the really good comedic performances that much of the time seemed edited down or cut way too short.

So I've accumulated as many links as I could in the way of official sites for the performers so I thought I'd hand out some linkage and maybe give a thought or two on the performer.

Ok lets start this.

Jay Mohr Holy crap is this guy funny or what? The great thing about Jay is that he is supremely funny and it does not look like he is trying to be, he just is, on a four star scale he would settle probably somewhere just above five stars.

Season One
Rob Cantrell Rob is a good comic, in my opinion he has shown some nice improvement since season 1 (and even back then he was good for some nice laugh time) I wouldn't say he is the strongest comic out there but he is still young and is still improving. Watch out for him he'll have a special sooner or later I suspect (and I will be watching it).

Cory Kahaney During season 1 she was one of my top favorites. During season 3 she was still very enjoyable but for some reason or the other I didn't connect with her material as much this time. I still however stand by my belief that she is an incredibly funny person.

Sean Kent I'll be honest here, during the first season I didn't really enjoy his work much if at all. I just didn't connect with what he was putting out there, during the third season however he was enjoyable. Certainly not the strongest one out there but he stepped up and proved he did deserve to be where he was.

Ralphie May Ralphie is a powerhouse on the microphone there are no two ways about it. One of the best things about Ralphie is that he does not play the safe card. Although he is a very big man he certainly does not center his entire act around that fact, he has a few key jokes/points in that area but he also goes out an a great variety of other topics. Most people thought for sure Ralphie was a shoe in to win the first season. I personally feel that he should have one but I believe that the act he used before the final vote was maybe a little too heavy on the make you think and a little too light on the out and out funny.

Rich Vos What can you say about The Don? He's funny, you probably have to "get" his style of stand up to really laugh but he can make just about anyone laugh. His style doesn't really mesh so well with the short amount of time they are given on LCS but he did a great job on the show, also he along with Dave Mordal made the non standup portions of the first season show (the stuff in the house) much more entertaining to watch.

Dat Phan The winner from season 1... really?? Seriously Dat's act is funny, but he was just too damned repetitive. He can be good, very good but I can say with all honesty that when he was announced as the winner the reaction I witnessed first hand (from myself and others) was anger. That was definitely not a good sign. Still his Comedy Central special is worth a watch.

Dave Mordal If you ask me Dave should have won, I knew he wouldn't but he should have. His laid back style and mixture of the smart and the silly really works well. Seriously somebody give this man a microphone, a stage, a camera and an hour of TV time please, hell if a stage is too much to ask he could probably do his act from the tub with Vos, I'm sure an hour in there would be a breeze.

People from Season 1 that I couldn't dig up a homepage for

Tere Joyce, I don't know what it is but I just couldn't connect with her stuff from season 1 or 3, sure every few jokes she would pull a laugh or two but nothing consistent. There are a couple of things I noticed about her though, the first was that once she cut out the ridiculous "cha cha cha" business her act improved a lot, or maybe its just that it was less annoying, the other thing I noticed was she seemed to build on herself when she had a longer set it would get progressivly funnier so I think seeing her do a full 30 minute set might be feasible... as long as she cut out the chachacha stuff pretty quick.

Geoff Brown I'll say he is a very good example of a middle of the road comic, he is very funny, but not overwhelmingly so. I don't mean for that to sound like as much of a slam as it does, personally again I feel he fell victim to the not enough time to get going problem that a lot of comedians have had during the LCS competition.

Tess Most definitely the funniest female comic from season 1 in fact I'll say she is funnier than Dat, and probably tied for the second place as actual funniest person from that season. In season 3 I'd say Tess is in the top 3 of female comics and holding her own when she is having a good set she'll float around in the top 5 or 6 overall. Great comic which I believe stems from her personality which really shows through on the stage.

Coming up next post, the comics of Season 2, boy a few of those people better hope I'm in a good mood when I write those reviews down, I've tried to remain somewhat positive so far but looking forward I'm not sure how thats going to work.

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