Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hey there. Long time no see! How have you been? How's the family? You look good, have you been working out?

Ok there now we have the pleasantries out of the way.

I apologize in advance for any spelling and grammatical errors that may occur. It is very late/early and I'm all hopped up on the soft drinks and insomnia.

Wow has it really been a half of a month since I've put anything up here? I have no honest excuse so instead I will lie and claim burnout from that one time when I uploaded all of my archived posts from the MT blog one by one into Blogspot. Did I mention that I had to do it one at a time? That was a lot of ctrl-C and ctrl-V'ing.

So anyway, instead of actually being creative I have decided to do a little rundown of what has been keeping me entertained lately. I'll try to break it down into some sort of list but knowing me as I do I am pretty sure halfway through this could turn ugly. Don't say I didn't warn you.



I am still really enjoying this show but Fox is not making it easy for me to keep up with it. Seriously is there any way we can have a few more delays between new episodes? What American Idol is coming back you say? My wish for more delays has been granted?? Thank you Fox, once again you prove you know more about what I want than I do! On a somewhat more serious note though I am really enjoying Stephen Fry's work on the last couple of episodes.

House M.D.

See the majority of my comments about Bones.


While I didn't hate season 2 like a lot of people did I did notice the definite loss of momentum after the rocketbuster first year(yes I said rocketbuster). So how is season 3 doing? So far not bad, though the long break was a bit of a drag. On the other hand the long break means that now there is a 3 month block of new episodes (Take that FOX!!). I think the story is finding some ground again, maybe they learned the lesson of the often aimless and constantly repetitive nature of the last season.

Armed & Famous

So when I heard about this show I knew it was doomed. As a matter of fact I was completely content not ever watching it because I knew it was a lost cause. So how did it make the list? Simple, my friends Wife is a huge pain in the ass who made me watch it with her. So of course I got addicted I mean come on both Wee Man and Ponch and Trish Status all on one show? Honestly could it get any better? Hey is that Jack Osbourne... Holy... is that Latoya Jackson going undercover as a prostitute??? Is that... hey where did the show go?

Battlestar Galactica

Still great but losing awesome points nearly weekly. Come on BSG come up with something spectacular soon I'm begging you.


Come on do I really need to explain my love for this shoe? You know what, I refuse to do it. Watch an episode and if you still don't get it then you wouldn't understand any explanation I would give anyway. Go on, go.. watch.. I'll wait.

It Takes a Thief

Is it real or staged? Who cares it still rocks. Watch it and slowly realize just how easy it would be for some nut job to sneak into your home while you are there, slaughter you(and any family you may have) and steal all of your stuff. Good times!

Dirty jobs

Think your job sucks? Watch this you may change your mind. Actually this show could very easily be very average and forgettable but Mike Rowe makes it completely worth watching. I'm not sure if it his humor, his insanity, or if I just have a sick fascination with seeing him suffer. Whatever it is it works.

Prison Break

Still enjoying it but not sure if it is still a Prison Break. Shouldn't they have to change the name now? Also are they planning on a third season? If they are I would suggest not killing everyone off, well unless the plan is to bring in a whole new group of cons with a new story. At that point would it be Prison Break: The Next Generation?



This is just here because I don't think I will ever be able to do a TV on DVD list without mentioning what is quite possibly my favorite TV show of all time. I bet you still can't guess my reason for having some bitter feelings towards FOX can you?


I only mention this because bitterness towards FOX was brought up a second ago. Firefly may have been the biggest trigger but that doesn't' mean that it was the only choice I wasn't happy with on the network.


I avoided this show for the longest time. During the first season it had way too much hype on too flaky a network for my taste(Zing!). So I didn't watch that first season out of fear of getting attached and having the show ripped away suddenly which would have probably sent me over the edge prompting a mild psychotic episode that would end with a tight white jacket and nearly unbearable regret over the deeds I had done in my rage. Once the show became a hit and the seasons started piling up I realized my only hope was DVD. So I finally got around to starting the show up and I now realize what the hype was about. In the end I am glad that I went the DVD route on this one though, the cliffhangers on every episode would most wreak havoc on my impatience.

A quick other note about 24. on Patton Oswalt's MySpace page he made a comment about this show, I made a brief reply about finally starting out watching it. I was then promptly referred to as “a douche” by another reader of the page. Now I try to avoid using profanity on my blog, mainly because in the real world I have been known to use it with amazing proficiency so when I do any writing I like to challenge myself by avoiding it. But in this case I need to ask. Seriously, What the fuck? Normally it wouldn't upset me that I was called a name. There are thousands of reasons that I would accept for my being labeled a douche but I will be damned if simply discovering a TV show a few seasons late is going to be the act that catapults me into the magical land of douchedom.

Star Trek Voyager

The Blues Brothers were “On a mission from God”, Indiana Jones was after the Ark of the Covenant, Frodo had to drop a ring into some magma, Harold and Kumar needed some delicious White Castle burgers, and I well I am on a quest to watch every single episode of every Star Trek show ever made at least once. Right now I am on Voyager, luckily it isn't as terrible as it could be because Voyager has a nostalgic charm for me. TNG started before my time and ended while I was in the very impressionable stages of my birth into geekhood. DS9 never seemed that interesting to me when I was that young, think about it the whole show was based around an intergalactic gas station(ok so I over simplify), plus the religion aspect didn't appeal to me at all. Then came along Voyager with Action, adventure, new aliens, and eventually 7 of 9 Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 0-1( I did that all from memory, impressed?). Hey I was young and stupid, I needed something sci-fi to cling to!

The Shield

I gotta have something on the list to redeem myself for defending Voyager don't I?

Lucky Louie

DANGER DANGER good show on horizon, must crush it beneath my heel before word gets out and happiness spreads like a deadly plague!

Do you remember back when Roseanne was really good? Those few seasons where the show really was something different, like it was based around a family and events that could actually almost be real? Lucky Louie took that concept and pushed it further. Yes there was some exaggeration to it but on the whole the show worked for me because not only was the writing hilarious but it seemed very true to life. I know those people! Hell I'm probably one of those people.

well it is 4:30 am and I still have e-mail to tackle so this list is going to have to be one of those To be continued deals.

Fear not faithful reader for if you have made it this far you are indeed strong of mind and resistant to torture. Those qualities deserve reward and as such I will give you a quick preview of what I may or may not be writing about in part 2!


Pretty Poison

Clerks 2

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind



The Quick and the Dead


The Lake House

Hard Candy

Snakes on a Plane


Weezy and the Swish

AST Radio

Daily Giz Wiz


Comic Strip Live: Stand Up Comedy


Deja Dead

Death du Jour

Monday Mourning

Break No Bones

Interview with the Vampire


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Well of Darkness

The Fellowship of the Ring

Stand-Up Comedy

Louis CK

Maria Bamford (more specifically about her awesome new CD and my hopes for her Comedy Central special coming up on Friday)

All Around Geekery


Beryl /

A Special Thing



Fallout 2

Xbox Rewards / Oblivion

Until next time remember, Mule won't run with five.

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