Thursday, February 01, 2007

June 09, 2005

Message In A Bottle

The Swish(you know Laura Swisher) not only has one kick butt blog, but she is now also about to start participating in what you could also consider a kick butt podcast. Need proof? Done, and umm more done-er

One hesitates to use the term genius, but that is exactly what she would call herself.. I mean what you could call her.

I plan on checking the podcast out this weekend when it is released.

Speakin gof Podcasts This Week In Text has completely gotten me into the podcast trend, Now if only I had an actual iPod to listen to them on. Actually though in a seriouse note, and a bit of cool news (if you are ME anyway) I might have a PSP on it's way to my door even as I type this, so that'll be a cool gadget to play with.

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