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June 04, 2005

This Side of Paradise

So today we decided to ditch the mundane depressing normality that has become home life lately and take my Grandmother out to dinner for her 80th birthday, we decided early (without much thought really) on the Outback Steakhouse. That is our restaurant of choice on such occasions. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy that place, no matter how many times I have been there each time has ended up being just a little better than the last one. The food was great, the service was great, the atmosphere was great. Whats not to like?

One thing that was really nice was the waitress overheard heard us talking about it being Grandma's birthday and brought her out a free dessert. She couldn't finish it all but it really made her happy and that is always a good thing. The other thing that I thought was really cool of them was kind of a strange thing for us. You know how some restaurants have t-shirts or hats with their logos and such on them for sale? We thought maybe Outback would have some sort of items like that so we asked someone who worked there that was walking by, as it turns out they really do not however they went and talked to the head waitress who talked to the manager who went in the back and found a couple of spare (new) t-shirts that the employees wear (they are very nice t-shirts do not at all look like employee garb) and offered them to us.

Seriously when you go out for dinner the food is only a part of the experience, you go for atmosphere as well and it is very nice and refreshing to have a good environment around you.

P.S. Outback's Steak if phenomenal

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