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May 24, 2005

Ep. III some minor spoilers some rants and a some insanity

My suggestion for Star Wars: Episode III is a simple one. If you are a big SW fan go to the theater, if you are just a moderate or ok fan wait till the DVD comes and rent it. After you see Ep. III go ahead and pick yourself up a copy of the original trilogy and watch them.

I don't want to get into a whole lot of actual reviewing of this movie because honestly something like this I don't feel comfortable making permanent judgement after only a single viewing, so I'll probably have to keep my yap shut until it's DVD time. However there are a couple of things that I can say and not feel bad.

First off Bam! J.Sto knows that of which she speaks, read her, love her, throw a banquet in her honor. Afterall she does desserve it.

Ok now that the linking duty is taken care of here are the few things that really bugged me during my viewing of Ep. III today, they will probably be out of order but that is only because my brain doesn't organize things that it really should.

Whats up with Mace Windu's death? I concede to the fact that yes his death was important, and yes it had to happen. But Why was it delivered in the manner that it was? The lightsaber fight was boring, the force lightning went on Way too long, going from dramatic to drawn out very quickly.

Anakin's involvment in Windu's death was also a little too subdued also. Instead of it seeming like a very dramatic life altering decision on his part it seemed like more of a happenstance and instinctual accident that he helped to kill him. Anakin should have been the one to deal the death blow not just an arm chop.

Anakin's fall to the dark side. Wow, I mean I know we all knew it was going to happen but still I think there should have been some more drama thrown in there to show Why it happened not just that it happened. The dreams were not nearly enough to explain his path. Very poorly done, disappointing even.

Also, if Padme and Anakin had such a strong force bond that his death/change basically killed her, not only that but she was feeling what he was doing in a sense while he was doing it.. Why when he woke up after his full Vader transformation would he have to ask how she is. Shouldn't he have been able to feel her death?

One more thing that has in a manner ruied the aura Star Wars for me is all the commercials that have been around lately. Come on, Darth Vader using the force on the Red M&M, or how about getting in a breathing contest with the Burger King, and since when is it ok for a Master Jedi to use the force to steal lunch? I didn't know it was either but Yoda gave it a shot. R2 and C3P0 even got in on some of the action. Honestly Lucas couldn't have been that hard up for money.

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