Thursday, February 01, 2007

July 06, 2005

Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Well another night alone in this darn huge house. I should be doing something productive but sitting around is much more tempting... Besides how often can I blast the stereo and play Old Time Rock n Roll without stepping on anyones toes?

Isn't insomnia fun? I actually try not to complain about the insomnia too often since it hits me constantly but sometimes I just wish I didn't have it. At least it's giving me a chance to catch up on Veronica Mars (which is a great show to watch in the middle of the night when you can't sleep by the way).

I'm really disappointed in myself. I've missed all the big movies this summer that I wanted to see so far.. I still need to go see; Batman Begins, George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Cinderella Man, or Bewitched... and now the Fantastic 4 will be coming out soon.. I need to make time for at least Batman and F4 as I have a pretty good track record with comic book based movies, the only one in recent memory that I didn't see in the theater is the Incredible Hulk.

You may have noticed how I didn't mention War of the Worlds up there in movies I want to see.. That is because I don't plan on seeing it until it hits DVD, Cruise has just totally turned me off to any project he is involved with lately. That is really saying something as I usually feel an actors personal feelings and life are their own business.. However my limit of tolerance for Tom Cruise has been far exceeded lately. Let me just say that not only has he been annoyingly visible with his new girlfriend (who is about half his age by the way and I believe that to be a huge character flaw in both parties) but he has also brought it upon himself to tell people that exercise and vitamins can replace depression medication... Ok he said he has "studied" brain chemistry lets see some proof.. where is his diploma, where are his credentials?... How about this, will he be liable if someone stops taking their prescribed medication because of something he said and the depression comes back and they should cause harm to themselves or others?

---------Random quick thought time------

Last week I stayed up all night walking through a casino and talking to a pretty girl... I'm a fool, I didn't get her number

Yesterday I lent my house key to my brother so he could get something out of the house while I was gone... I'm a fool. he lost the key and had me locked out of my own house

I have hundreds if not thousands of useful thoughts in my head at any given second... I'm a fool, they seem to be bottlenecked and stuck

I have what I believe to be a really good idea for a site... I'm not a fool, it has not yet proven to be impossible

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