Friday, February 16, 2007

Yep I'm back, as promised I am going to attempt to finish off this list if only to keep myself from going insane with regret. I may be a bit brief or in fact cryptic with some of my writings here, especially about the movies. Trust me I have my reasons. Actually the main reason I may be brief with some of them is that it has been a while since I have sat down and watched them(Hey there are only so many hours in the day and I still have a lot of 24 to catch up on!). So here we go, on with the show...

Pretty Poison
You know what I have realized recently? Back in the 60's and 70's they made some pretty damn twisted movies, twisted in that way that feels so very good. What we have here is a classic tale. Mentally unstable boy meets mentally unstable girl. Mentally unstable boy tells Mentally unstable girl that he is a secret agent. Mentally unstable girl goes along with the story becoming his Mentally unstable partner. After that it is a combination of murder, sex, uneasiness and well a little more murder a with a possible dash of deciet.

Oh did I mention that Mentally unstable boy is played by Anthony Perkins, and Mentally unstable girl is played by Tuesday Weld? IMDB says that Perkins performance in this movie combined with portrayal of Norman Bates in Psycho got him typecast for the rest of his career. Well to be honest it very well may have, he certainly was able to tap into something to bring out a real feeling of mental illness. Tuesday Weld was no slouch in the convincingly disturbed department either. I haven't seen a lot of her other work(yet, but I have a few choice films on my rental queue) so I can't really make a judgment of he performance based off of her other work but she definitely set a bar here, even if she herself doesn't agree.

Clerks 2
Hmm... the name of my blog is Askewed Views. The name of Kevin Smith's production company is ViewAskew. I wonder what my feelings towards Clerks 2 is going to be.... geez I hope I give it a good review, otherwise I'll have to find someone else to blatantly ripoff my web address from. Oops I mean the similarity is an homage to the original, not a ripoff!(please don't sue me, I have nothing, nothing but this website and a lifetime supply of mental scars).

My bias may keep me from being totally objective about this movie besides if you have watched and enjoyed any of Kevin Smith's previous flicks you probably have already checked this one out. On the other hand if you haven't seen any of Smith's flicks yet well; A) where exactly is the rock you are living under these days? and B) Don't start with this one. That shouldn't be a newsflash to you though the giant “II” on the poster should have tipped you off that there is at least one other movie you should see first. For those of you “rock people” I would suggest you not stop at Clerks and Clerks II, if you enjoy them don't forget to watch all of the Smith flicks(yes that even includes Jersey Girl

Small town, check. Meteor carrying parasitic alien, check. Kickass/smartass reluctant hero, check. Totally insane(in an awesome way) writer/director, check.

Seriously what isn't to like about Slither? Even the commentary on the DVD is great, but really with Nathan Fillion you are always assured an entertaining commentary experience. (see how I was able to give a really really brief note on my feelings about the movie while still finding a way to sneak in a little ass kissery towards the Captain, that was damn impressive.)

Mmmm mockumentary. I don't think this needs much of a review either, let me just do a little plot sum up for you and you can decide on your own. A rich couple attempt to start a charity that would improve the lives of the homeless by handing out lollipops with inspirational wrappers to them.

One could almost say that along with the humor there may be a statement about some groups of people being more out of touch with reality than others.... But we don't know anyone who would say that kind of thing now do we? Of course not.

Remember how there may or may not be people that would say that the last movie I talked about had a bit of a political statement? Well those same people who do or don't exist should have been watching Idiocracy. I know this is supposed to be a comedy but I'm scared. No I mean it I am really scared because I think this is a Nostradamus like prediction of our future. Be honest with yourself, you know at least one person who would gladly spend an entire day watching a tv show featuring nothing but someone getting hit in the balls repeatedly.

Hard Candy
Remember what I said about my trying to avoid cussing on the blog here? Well this movie creeped the fuck out of me. It creeped the fuck out of me bad, especially during this one scene. I don't want to give too much away but the scene I am talking about is easy to spot. If you are a guy you will know EXACTLY what scene I am talking about, if you are not a guy you can probably guess which scene I mean by my strategic use of all caps. If you still find yourself unable to pick out the scene I am speaking about simply find a guy to watch the movie with, while watching periodically glance over at the guy, if you see him looking incredibly uncomfortable(almost pained) and attempting to cross his legs or in some other manner protect his junk you have found the scene.

I will never trust Kitty Pryde again!

Other movies I will probably write something short and vague about in the future, but you should watch in the present.

The Quick and the Dead
The Lake House
Snakes on a Plane (Before you judge me for listing this one please keep in mind that I am a big fan of MST3k and thus I am a fan of so bad it is good. Plus, it has Samuel L. Jackson )
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I knew making a long list of stuff I want to write about would bite me in the ass. This is going to have to go back into To Be Continued... mode (Don't these cliffhangers just kill you?)

Until next time, Happy Doodles!

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Anonymous said...

Right on with "Pretty Poison." I too love that movie and was anxiously awaiting its DVD release. It's wonderfully sick and yes, very sexy.

you pal,
Kim Morgan