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November 01, 2006

Random thought

This is actually a post from my new toy at I'm planning on keeping this site around in some form or another and using that for my random blog thoughts, but right now I'm playing it by ear.

First off let me say, Last Christmas #4 arrived and delivered the awesome, I can't wait for the final issue to come out, LC has been one of a couple of forces that have been pushing me back into loving comic books. Now if only I could find the Daredevil TPBs that I want so I can get caught up... Also money would be helpful in this endeavor.

I don't care if it makes me a bad person, weird or what but I have really been enjoying Saints Row. Maybe I just have some aggression to get out or something I'm not sure, but it has been fun. We'll see if I make it all the way through though. I will admit that there is no way that anyone under 17 should be anywhere near this thing, and I'm usually pretty lenient on things like R rated movies and such, but this is one dirty bird of a game.

DVD commentaries, I used to think they were a bad idea. I was wrong, I've been going through my collection recently re watching everything with commentary, in a lot of cases I actually had a better appreciation of the movies. Take X3 for example, I really wasn't happy with it on the first viewing, then when I saw it on DVD I was still on the fence about it, then I watched it with commentary and I was able to understand better a lot of the decisions that Ratner made.

I'm incredibly disappointed in myself. I used to be able to put my thoughts into writing fairly well, and much more interestingly than I am able to these days. Now when I try to write something with real substance to it my brain starts to hurt.

Shaun of the Dead... still awesome.

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