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December 02, 2005


And so we climb out of the pit of self loathing and for a brief moment stop plotting magnificent revenge on clueless siblings. Onto something hopefully a bit more entertaining.

Podcasts, we know what those are now don't we? By we I of course mean you, I obviously know what they are. Could you imagine if I didn't know what a podcast was though? I mean what are the odds that if I didn't know what one was that I would randomly throw the word Pod and Cast together into one and ask if we know what it is?.. Ok revealing too much random thought.. must.. get.. back... on... track...

So we are all cool with the idea that a Podcast is basically an mp3 or audio file similar to a radio program of some sort or the other right? Yeah I'm pretty sure some podcasters don't really like that explanation because it's more than that but I like to keep things easy around here (it helps with my own fragile sanity). Well we also know that now there are Videocasts, or Vidcasts, or Video Podcasts, or umm... Video's that are kind of meshed in with Podcasts now right? Gotta thank the iPod video and iTunes for the meshing, not that the mesh is a bad thing.

What am I getting at here? Oh yeah, I thought it would be an interesting idea to share the podcasts that I have subscribed through iTunes. Note that I said interesting not good or bad. Also I should say I am aware there are many good podcast retrieval programs out there, I happen to use iTunes simply because it's convenient and easy to keep everything organized.

So, here is what I listen to and watch in no particular order.

Command N (Video) A tech news show hosted by Amber MacArthur and Mike Lazazzera.
It's a good cast, I watch it when I'm looking for a geeky good time.

Diggnation A podcast rounding up the top stories of the week from hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.
This show is great, you put Kevin and Alex in front of a mic for any reason pretty much and you certainly hat my attention. This one is also available in video form I generally stick with the audio version but once in a while something happens that you just have to go back and grab the video to see. (video) IPtv show hosted by Patrick norton and Robert Heron. Similar in some aspects to the old ScreenSavers show (back when Patrick Norton was a cohost) Lots of techy goodness.
A very good show. Give it a watch, you just might learn something.

Family Guy Foxcast Freakin' Sweet!!!

Happy Tree Friends (video) Animated woodland creatures that usually meet a horrific and hilarious demise.
This may not be for everyone, but I'm not too proud to say that my mind is twisted enough to find this to be hilarious.

Infected with Martin Sargent I'm still not quite sure what exactly to make of this one, I know it's funny and it's filthy. Just like Martin.

Security Now! Hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. Straight up very good and important information in the realm of digital security.
I wasn't sure if I would really want to listen 40 minutes of talk about security, I'm glad I decided to give it a shot, I now listen to this one pretty much immediately when a new episode is released.

SWGack A weekly show covering pretty much all aspects (good and bad) of the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. Hosted by Alex Albrecht and Joshua Brentano.
I had quit SWG for a while, decided to take a break and all that. A few months passed, I kind of forgot about how fun it was. Then this little podcast came along and reminded me how much fun I had in the game. Again I'm pulling the put a mic in front of Alex card and I'll listen. Even if it is Alex's fault that when I started playing again I went towards being a Creature handler in game only to have the profession completely ripped out of the game pretty much as soon as I got up to it. I also credit this show with keeping me level headed enough to stick with SWG through the NGE.

This Week In Tech Do I really need to say much about this one? If you remember the old ScreenSavers tv show, or you like tech of any kind or any of that fun stuff just do yourself a favor and check it out.... as if you haven't already.

Weezy And The Swish Comedy-casting at it's finest. Hosted by Louise "Weezy" Palanker and Laura "The Swish" Swisher. They bring in the funny and they slice like a [expletive deleted] hammer!
I Love stand up comedy, especially when done by intelligent people. Weezy and The Swish never fail to bring forth laughter.

Radio Free Burrito The newest addition to my subscribed casts. This is Wil Wheaton's latest attempt to remind everyone that in fact he is a bigger geek than you, and he could totally Pwn you at any given moment. All your base are belong to Wil
Seriously though Wil's podcast is pretty cool so far. It'll be pretty interesting to see where he heads with it from here, Give it a listen, totally worth the time. Also I was being truthful, all your base really are belong to Wil.

Thats all of the pretty much for now, there are a few others I have downloaded an episode or two to test out, but to be honest if try to listen to any more then I already do I'll have to invest in some caffeine pills or something so I can thwart my bodies attempt to sleep.

Now the hard part, I wrestle with myself in my mind as to whether or not I should publish this or trash it because I am sure it is a completely muddled confusing conglomeration of random rants and inane conjecture. I should really clean it up, but it's far to close to 4 am for editing.

And thats all I got to say about that.

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