Thursday, February 01, 2007

June 17, 2005


You know that offercentric freeDVR site? Did you know that they discontinued the offer? Me either, till the other day when I was going to check to see if I had anyone sigh up and I was surprised with a page saying it was shut down. Not all bad news, in honesty I didn't actually expect I would get enough people to sign up (I mean come on I'm still two people shy of getting the original iPod). So why isn't it bad news you might ask?

Well that is easy, as "we're sorry" type deal they are offering those who did offers ten dollars sent to your paypal account, I received my payment this morning so good news for me. My suggestion anyone who happens to see this should go to the site if they ever completed an offer for the DVR and let them know you want your ten bucks, who knows how long it'll be available.

In other news, I am now attempting to figure out how to properly decorate not only a much larger bedroom than I have ever had but also a bathroom. The bathroom is probably going to be simple, the bedroom however I would like to have fun with. I was thinking movie posters would be a decorative touch I would enjoy and might not look horribly tacky, since I do like movies it would make sense for me. The problem? Simple, the movie posters I want are either extremely expensive or completely unavailable. I suppose I could try and work my sweet hookups and decorate with intimidating and dangerous looking replica swords.. but then again I bet I'd have trouble finding a Bat'leth...

By the way did I mention moving is a pain in the you know what?

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