Thursday, February 01, 2007

September 30, 2005

Out Of Gas

So heres the thing. It kind of sucks when you are just trying to do nothing but sit back and watch the season premier of Alias, when all of a sudden you catch a flash of yellowish orange coming somewhere to your side. It gets even worse when you look over and realize that the flash was indeed the power cord on your laptop burning up. Of course you do learn exactly how fast you can move.

So yeah, that was my night, fun huh? The wonderful part of course is that the battery on the thing is dead and I am totally unable to get some stuff off of there that I need. That means I get to rush out the door earlier then anticipated in the morning after I wake up and rush around trying to find replacement. Happily tomorrow I also am planning on going to the first possible showing of Serenity, then on the walk home stopping by the store and grabbing the soundtrack. That'll at least give me something to listen to while I clean up the mess of a system I have here and actually do my backups that I just tonight realized how bad it is that I do not have.

Oh yeah, one nice piece of news I've read about lately on the message boards is apparently there will be an official Firefly score CD or CD set released in November, that of course I feel is a Must buy.

This spot was to be reserved to show off the Blue Sun T-shirt that I will be sporting tomorrow, unfortunately I can't get the picture from my phone to the comp here without the software that resides on the laptop... angering, very angering

I have no real good points for this post I suppose, but you learn anything from me right now it should be Back Up what you can, even if it's just some logins in a notebook, I wouldn't condone this for the most sensitive of information but for some things it is fine, though like me you should still keep the notebook in a very safe location, it did however save me a lot of time tonight.

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