Thursday, February 01, 2007

October 15, 2005

Fun with SWG

So I tried The Matrix Online, you know what it reminded me? How much I preferred SWG, so I reestablished my account with that game. Technically I'm trying to start a new character on a new server... it's not going swiftly and I may switch servers again I'm not impressed thus far with Corbantis. However that is not the real reason for this post.

I was bored the other night, very bored. So I I decided to play around with my Tailor on Ahazi see what kind of new outfit I could make for him. I got an idea on my own but I did have to buy one piece from the auction, I got lucky too because there is not a lot of call apparently for a brown Sec-Op duster. but it was worth it, check this out.

click for a larger image.
I know it's not perfect, I don't really have the best eye when it comes to recreating exactly, but I'm pretty sure that you can tell I was going for the Browncoat look there right?

You can see all my characters in that screen shot should you be so inclined, don't get too attached to Arestis on Intrepid though, I'm going to use him in to reach my next goal (Slapping a storm trooper) then it'll be delete city. I hate to do it because I really like that name, but hey I just wanna slap a trooper, plus I hear that server is pretty good still and I want to maybe start up new there.

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