Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 14, 2006

Journey to Babel

So moving across the country is kind of a pain in the hind end, all the packing, and stress, and hurrying, and stress, and not sleeping, and stress.

So how do I survive? Well I resort to the drink but most people could use laughter (unless "most" people have a Pepsi addiction as I do. What, you thought I meant booze?).

Well my friends if laughter is your particular heal all, and you enjoy sophmoric humor mixing the idea behind Brokeback Mountain and the Back to the Future III into one movie trailer then have I got a treat for you. I very well could be the last person on earth to find this, but during a break from the packing tonight I happened to come across This. Now you can come across it too. Enjoy.

Also while I am on the subject of the funny I need to recommend a couple of comedians I saw live recently.. I know I have a full post brewing inside of me about that night, but for now I highly recommend you go check out both, David Crowe and Troy Davis Both incredibly funny individuals who very very good at what they do. They certainly provided us with an awesome night out.

Sorry about the spelling on this one, typing it up from the webform so no spellcheck. Luckily my punctuation is always horrifying so no need to apologize there. Ok that is all for now, carry on.

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