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October 04, 2004

LCS 3 quick thoughts part deux

Alright, I'm slow but I said I'd do it and so I put together and extremely crude mild opinion post on the comedians of LCS (This time focused on those from season 3 that were originally from season 2). I tried my best to stay positive in my reviews of them and I think I succeeded, I think if I really wanted to get tough and go one by one the review would be much different but I'm not good at hiding my opinions anyway even if I try so it's apparent who of this lot I like and who I don't care for so much.

On a side note Bonnie McFarlane opted not to compete in LCS 3, I was bummed by that news I really enjoyed her work in season 2. Of course I can't blame her either, she didn't get much of an opportunity and it seemed she caught some greef in the house. Personally my mission is to expose myself to more of her comedy. What can I say I like her style

Alonzo Bodden Alonzo is a pretty damn strong comedian, he was great during season 2 and is still holding himself high on the mic in season 3. Alonzo does a fare amount of pushing the envelope content-wise while never actually crossing the line of decency. I like Alonzo, of course showing his ability to mix it up proper in a roast won him my respect.

Todd Glass I have to say I really really.. really really.. really really.. really really..... where was I? .. Ohh yeah, I really like Todd Glass. When you watch Todd work you can never be sure what you are going to get, I understand his style is a little "silly" or "crazy" for some people, but to those who "get it" Todd can be a very good treat, maybe it's something about the energy? I suggest you give Todd a real shot, just don't go taking yourself too seriously. Oh yeah, and his work stayed pretty steady from season 2 to 3 (a real pattern with this season since there was barely a break between the two season).

Gary Gulman Gary took me a while to really enjoy, but eventually he won me over in a good way. I'm guessing he will get himself a half hour special pretty soon, when he does I'll be watching.

John Heffron John is to me a very strong performer with some very stong material, this of course equals a quite good comedian. Obviously I'm not alone in thinking this as John won season 2 (although Dat did win season 1 and he isn't that strong in the long run). John is one of the guys from season 2 I had actually heard of (and of course enjoyed) prior to the show, I pegged him as a power player early and was never disappointed. Some of these reviews I admit I may have sugar coated a bit but Heffron just doesn't need it, he sends me nearly to tears every time he performs, I wouldn't be shocked at all to see him win season 3.

Jay London Don't worry, this post is almost over... You'll never see me again. It's sad really how blatantly I have been ripping off Jay London lately, I think historically "one-liner" comedians have been overlooked more often than not so it takes someone special to push through with this style of comedy. I believe Jay pulls it off beautifully. I could critique a few small things about his act that could use tweaking, but really it's just picking nits. Happily it seems that people like Jay, that in turn makes me happy as his shot in the spot light is deserved.

Kathleen madigan I was more familiar with Kathleen before her appearance on season 2 than with any other performer. I also was (and still am) a big fan of her work. If you want to know what other comedians think of her work just realize one small fact from season 2, nobody wanted to challenge her to the one on one challenge. I recommend you check her work out. I'd like to say she could win LCS3 as well, but I'm convinced that her style doesn't come off as well in short doses as it does when she has the proper time to do her thing. Still even in the short segments she is phenomenal.

Tammy Pescatelli I have to say I really wanted to enjoy Tammy more than I did on the stage. She has her strong points, but she has some noticeable low points as well. Her performance between seasons 2 and 3 remained about the same. I could see Tammy moving onto maybe a sitcom role pretty easily and she could be very good in that capacity.

Comedians I couldn't find sites for

ANT During the auditions for season 1 I found ANT entertaining on the mic, he is definitely comfortable up there and has his set down to a pretty good science. Unfortunately he used the exact same set to get onto season 2. He has other jokes he proved that, but he didn't use them to get on the show, and the set that wasn't good enough last year was good enough this year. That bothered me to start with. I've been known to be very hard on ANT, I think he does an ok job with stand-up but to be perfectly honest I'd much rather see him doing some sort of comedic acting (I thought he was really funny in The Underground Comedy Movie). On the mic he is smart but a bit repetitive.

Cory Holcomb Cory is good, not the best. He seemed to be lost in the middle of LCS. I really don't know what to say about him actually, maybe I'm talked out or maybe he didn't leave a lasting enough impression on me.

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