Thursday, February 01, 2007

October 28, 2004

You forget how easy it can be to forget what you knew

I had figured out CSS a little bit last time I was editing the page I felt, however when I started messing around with it again I realized how easily you forget things like that. I think I've muddled through it a bit though, it's not perfect and right now it seems a bit boring but I'm still tweaking.

I'm actually kind of digging the new color scheme, originally I was trying to avoid a black background but this time I think I've switched around on that. I still like my black and white scheme I had, sadly I think all traced of that were lost in an strange saving accident, if I can however find my remote backup of that style sheet I might attempt to tweak it so I can use it as an alternative skin.

Of course with the way my mind works who knows whats going to happen next.

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