Thursday, February 01, 2007

January 22, 2005

Want more free stuff??

While being stuck here in Michigan days after my vacation was set to end (snow is fun isn't it?) my friend received in the mail a magazine that he had forgotten he had coming to him, as it turns out there is a site called

It works similarly to the Gratis Network deals, only for items like; magazine subscriptions, a small black and white tv/am/fm radio, a cd player, DVD's, CD's, A book, or a digital clock radio.

Since the items are on a smaller scale you also don't have to get people to sign up under you, thats right you read that perfectly no referral system! You just sign up, pick your "prize", pick the offer you want to complete and wait. Now like I said my friend forgot about it so it took a few weeks for the stuff to come, but his magazine is definitely coming.

I know, getting free stuff without actually giving someone credit with a referral seems dirty doesn't it? Well I have good news for you, I am still working on getting My free iPod so why not go ahead sign up and complete an offer under me?

Ok, now go out and enjoy your FREE STUFF , sign up under my Free iPod offer, and live long and prosper. Me, I'll still be stuck here in the damn snow remembering never again to complain of the rainy oregon weather...

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