Thursday, February 01, 2007

October 06, 2004


Dave Mordal just totally knocked me out of my chair tonight with laughter, his performance tonight I say was the best of the bunch. Second I would go with John Heffron, then Vos, then Alonzo.

Speaking of John Heffron, his final words of his set made me incredibly happy "I respect you for laughing". I guess the phrasing he chose to use there could be a coincidence but I doubt it. I believe that John was making reference to a statement Ralphie May made last week (After being booted off the show by the way) about not respecting audiences that laught at "remember when" jokes. John does a good deal of those types of jokes and I along with I'm sure many many many others laugh our asses off at them. I have gone on record before singing the praises of Ralphie but he sure didn't score any points with me on that comment, quite frankly it pissed me off. Comedy to me cannot and should not Always be about pushing the envelope, it's about laughter, pure and simple if you can go out there and make people laugh with any kind of jokes that is a good thing. To say that you don't respect an audience because they laugh at a certain type of joke is asinine. Alright so maybe the comment was made out of frustration, I mean Ralphie had just been dismissed from the show earlier than he though he deserved but still, comments like that give the impression of a total lack of class and ultimately only serve to hurt your own career in the long run. Remember just because I laugh at "remember when" jokes doesn't mean I can't also laugh at edgy envelope pushing jokes. Talk about respect though, Ralphie lost a large chunk of the respect I had for him with his comment, and conversely John Heffron earned more of my respect with his rebuttle at the end of his set.

As far as the actual contest goes, I hope the title goes to Dave, but I wouldn't be hurt or upset a single bit if John walked away as the Last Comic Standing.
Extremely honorable mentions go to Rich Vos for his performance which was just dead on tonight and incredible as well.

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