Thursday, February 01, 2007

November 03, 2004

While I'm ranting

Amazon whats up with not shipping out my pre-order of Smackdown Vs Raw today, come on I pre-ordered it with you in advance and signed up for expensive the 1 day shipping so that I could avoid the hassle of dragging my butt out to a video games store, but now you are making me wait at least one more day than expected... Wassup with that!?! I've never had this problem with you before, I could have gone with another online retailer, but you and I have history. Come on Amazon don't treat me this way. This thing we've got between us, it's just too good to throw away.

Ok you got me, I wrote a silly little note about a real issue. But come on seriously all joking aside, it is really annoying to not even get a note of some sort about a delay.

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