Thursday, February 01, 2007

July 20, 2005

All Good Things

Today for me like it is for many others is a very sad day. A great man has passed away.

I may have never had the fortune of actually meeting Mr. James Doohan, that however does not mean he did not in some way touch my life. That seems like such a simple statement doesn't it? But how true it rings for not only me but for thousands of others I am sure. Just think back how many engineers, scientists or any other "geekily employed" people have you heard when asked "why did you decide to get into your field" or something similar responded enthusiastically with the name "Scotty". Those numbers are great are they not?

I don't know if I have ever said it out loud or not, but just in case I haven't I must say, the only reason I ever got into computers enough to tear them apart and build them up is well.. Scotty! I'm not ashamed to admit that I have also employed the miracle worker trick of overquoting time by a bit only to finish early and impress, ok I don't do that too often or to anyone who is actually paying but the spirit is still there.

As I said earlier, I never got to actually see Mr. Doohan in person, and yet everything in me, and everything I have ever read or heard about people who have met him tells me that he was not only a great actor, with a great character, but he was also and maybe even more so a great person.

I am sure Wil is right, there are a great many people today feeling like they have lost a friend. By the way, stop by Wil's post and read some of the comments if you have time there are already a few very nice ones already.

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