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June 09, 2005

Captive Pursuit

So one of the big stories on the news here all day has been that some genius decided to bolt on the police while they were in the process of arresting him, already handcuffed and all. This "winner" ran and apparently got some distance between him and the cops until he decided to try and climb a fence... a security fence. Now "security fence" is kind of a broad term for many different types of fences, some have barbed wire on top, some have razor wire on top, some may even be electrified. This fence however just had good old fashioned spikes on top. So here we have our would be escape artist booking it over an steel fence with big spikes on top. Lets just say he didn't make it over. In truth he lucky to be alive.

So here is what I am starting to get nervous about regarding how the news is handling this story. It almost seems as if they are making a villian out of the security fence, they are'nt focusing on the fact that the fence in fact did do it's job by stopping a criminal from getting from one side to the other, they even seem to be glossing over the fact that the "victim" was being arrested on an assault charge. They were more interested in showing the family and hearing the sob story of his mom.

Do I think he deserved to be impaled with a piece of metal? Probably not, but I don't feel bad for him either, it was his own doing. If he had not been breaking the law in the first place he would probably not have been getting arrested, or even if he had broken the law earlier if he had not run from the police once he was being arrested he would not have attempted jumping the fence with his hands behind his back.

Do not blame the fence for doing it's job, celebrate it for punishing the dimwitted.

By the way I should probably add, I'm pretty sure at such an early stage in the arrest the assault charge was just alleged, however resisting arrest and trying to escape police custody IS in fact a crime, so again I don't feel that bad for the criminal.

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