Thursday, February 01, 2007

September 03, 2005

Amok Time

So I sat down tonight to write out a post talking about what has been behind my not posting for a while, and then going into detail about my main distraction lately, that being all things Firefly related. Unfortunately it started running very long and it is getting late. Plus it reminded me that I wanted to actually watch some Firefly tonight, and so I saved what I had written and will try and add edit and post it hopefully tomorrow.

Since the second half of tonight's post is being delayed I decided to chop the head off and put it in today anyway, after all the whole thing wasn't about Firefly there was a small part explaining my silence as of late, and it goes a little something like.

So it has been a while since I have said anything hasn't it? Time is a strange thing, it can seen like both an eternity or an instant all at once.
The truth is I haven't had a ton to say lately, creatively I've had nothing, intelligently I've had nothing, even I haven't even had anything interesting to share (not that I've ever been interesting before mind you). I've just been tapped and I have no idea why. Hopefully I am finally getting over this slump, I can almost feel the good times coming round the corner, hopefully the morning sun will bring it to light.

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