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April 22, 2005

Free MP3s from Amazon you say?

Thats right Get a Free MP3 or two (or 200) from Amazon I'm pretty sure you don't have to sign up for anything at all, just click download and badda bing there you go some new tunes.

I've only gone through it once so I may have missed some good ones, but here is what I grabbed myself already (you can judge my music taste if you want but I already know it's a little off center)

Here they are in no particular order really just how they landed
Alison Krauss; Stay
Alison Krauss; Maybe
Alison Krauss; Every time You Say Goodbye
Alison Krauss; So Long So Wrong
Alison Krauss; New Favorite
Alison Krauss; Heartstrings
Alison Krauss; No Place To Hide
Modest Mouse; [Untitled Track]
Modest Mouse; Worms Vs. Birds
Doug Bryant; Man Of Constant Sorrow
Fisher; I Will Love You

Also after I finished that Fisher track I decided I liked it and went on a search for the group which took me to this link at which allowed me to download an full album of Fisher songs. I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet for quality but here is a track list.

1. Easy For You
2. The Life (EMT Mix)
3. Everything Goes Away
4. Never Thought
5. Red
6. She Kissed Me
7. Sorry For The Rain
8. Take Me As I Am
9. Squirrel Song
10. Half Full
11. Sand
12. Water Ballet
13. Free At Last
14. I Will Love You (Instrumental)

Gotta love free right? Now if only I could convince two more people to help me out with my Free iPod I'd be great.

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Interesting. I am a big fan of Fisher the band. I actually wrote a bit about them a while back, that the did a cool Toyota commercial.

Posted by: Promo at May 10, 2005 08:19 PM

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