Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 06, 2005

how much are my memories worth

So when the family is forced to sell a house that has been in the family for your entire life (and before that even) how are you supposed to accept any price the place appraises at?

The house may not be worth what it could be, but it is hard to not take offense at the numbers given to you as there are genuine memories and feelings that exist only in this house....

When I move will the memories cease to be? How will I ever reclaim that feeling I get when I sit in the living room and picture exactly how it used to be set up during the holidays.. or sneaking downstairs to try (but fail) to play the piano.. What of the fact that nearly every great memory of I have of my grandfather who died when I was 9 takes place inside these walls... I don't want to forget those....

And then of course there is the worry.. will we be able to afford a new place to live, will we be on the streets will we survive, will I be happy... can I be happy... Should I be happy??

Questions are always easy, answers on the other hand aren't always as forthcoming... Why can't it always be as simple as "42"?

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