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September 12, 2004

Embarrasing results and mini rant

Lets start with the pain.. lets see how I stacked up to what actually happened.

World Championship match: Randy Orton Vs. HHH, I was half right, it was NOT a clean win at all, it was a Great match, but I'm not sure I'm very happy about HHH being the champ again, he is over enough that he doesn't need the belt on a constant basis and Randy could have done well with a little bit of a run with it to solidify him as a star.

World Tag Team Championship match: La Resistance Vs Tajiri and Rhyno, Again I messed up, it wasn't a clean win but La Resistance came away retaining their title, again I still prefer my idea over what happened but at least the match was fairly fun.

Shawn Michaels Vs. Kane, WOOHOO I got one, the match was changed to a no DQ match, which didn't really get used to it's fullest but I really really got into this match Shawn just does it for me in the ring and Kane holds his own as well. Shawn got the win so bully for me. By the way it was a little disappointing to me that Shawn didn't get to use his normal fireworks, but I didn't think they would be able to the Rose Garden's ceiling is a little too low I think.

Chris Benoit & William Regal Vs. Batista & Ric Flair, I'm surprised but not disapointed I didn't want to be correct on this one. The match was GREAT anytime you put Benoit in there with someone who knows what he is doing like Flair I will most likely be happy, the chop contests alone were worth it. I like many others got an extra little jolt of laughter/enjoyment out of Benoit's holdint Flair up so he doesn't do his signature fall forward. So yep Benoit and Regal win this one. I should also point out that Regal and Batista did a damned fine job in this match as well,

Woman's Championship Match: Trish Stratus Vs. Victoria, I messed this one up too huh? Damn, well the action was ok .. about what you would expect out of a womens match, Trish retained her title which is ok with me either way, just please for the love of anything please get some coherent and consistent storylines going with the womens belt it really feels thrown together and not cared about at all half the time. I do claim small victory in the fact that Stevie Richards did show up in his drag gimmick and they Did take it in a new direction, of course he had his ass handed to him way more than I would have liked I'm wondering if they did that just to totally kill/erase the cross dressing thing

Intercontinental Championship Match (Ladder Match): Christian Vs. Chris Jericho, Alrighty things look good here, Jericho won the match Rocked hard. Chris Jericho and Cristian went out there and showed me exactly why it is I am willing to shell out money to go see this stuff or order it on PPV. Just amazing, they got my ass outta my seat and this time it wasn't just because the jerks in the seats in front of me got their asses out of their seats, I wanted to stand to show my respect for this one.

Thankfully no Diva Search crap appeared.

Also as a bonus on the card was the Heat match which had Maven taking on Rodney Mack w/Jazz. This was a nice little match I would consider it high quality by Heat standards, of course Maven being as close a thing to a local boy as they had all night he got a nice pop and a good win

On a non wrestling note from the event I was sitting directly behind but two rows back from a local radio and TV celeb in the Portland area, her name is Daria O'Neill and I'm a big fan, I think she is hilarious, she looks good and when she used to do the bumpers before ST: TNG episodes she always delighted me with her comments, especially those jabs against a certain young ensign whom shall remain nameless.

---------------------------------------------RANT TIME---------------------------------------------RANT TIME-------------------------------------------------------------

OK, so I almost didn't go to the event because I started trying to buy my tickets the minute they went on sale and immediately I was told the best available seats were ones I knew were stinkers that had a blocked view of the entrance and would be quite smokey and the pyro would be deafening. Eventually though a week before the event I knew (as any good fan does) that they will release some more seats that are there from seat shifting and cancellations and whatnot, I landed myself a beauty of a seat it was in the upper section though but it was in the second row and I was in the number 1 seat. So I buy the ticket and go to the show. After waiting forever for them to open the doors (I won't get started on the problem with that) I am told I need to go to the seat reissuing table, Bonus I think .. they are bumping me up so that the side opposite the cameras (the side that will be seen on camera) will be filled up. Well I was right I went from the $20 section (which cost $32.50 thanks to Ticketmaster) to the $50 section. Guess what?? They Freakin' put me in the section that I was not willing to pay for the cheap seats in, RIGHT behind the damn Tron so that I could not see it, I could not see the beginning of the entryway at all, the pyro was extremely loud without even the benefit of seeing the stuff and the smoke at times was really bad, and by the way I got stuck in seat 9 that is NOT an aisle seat, so I was smashed between people I didn't know. It didn't ruin my evening but it sure as hell annoyed me, I truly do understand them wanting the camera to see a full audience, but I was very very specific in the seat I bought and what I wanted to be able to see from it and they took it snatched it away that was a very very lame thing. I considered writing a letter to WWE and Ticketmaster of the manner in which that was handled, but I'm not sure I trust myself to compose a proffesional enough sounding letter. Honestly the writing I put out on this site is usually first draft quality, but even if I allow myself a rewrite or eleven I just don't know. Plus it's not like it will get me anywhere, I'm sure all that will happen is some intern will scim through it have a hardy laugh and then put my name on a generic auto reply list.

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