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September 18, 2005

Mel from the comments was

Mel from the comments was kind enough to do a little footwork and came up with a working link for the full (58 mb) gag reel zip file. So for those who haven't seen it yet check here and hopefully it'll still be up.. Fair warning ahead of time though it's not safe for work or for the young ones as there is a bit of cussin' but really what gag reel is complete without a little of that?;O=A

Mel was also kind enough to scour through the message boards and come up with a link to an mp3 of the DVD Easter Egg of Adam Baldwin singing "The Hero of Canton" I grabbed it and uploaded it for easy access, it won't stay up forever but it'll be there for a bit.


I recommend watching the actual video of it still, it's much funnier to see him actually sing it and not just hearing it.

In case you are interested here is the link Mel supplied that I grabbed that from

There are a lot of good mp3s from the show there including opening and closing themes.

Lets see, is there anything new non Firefly/Serenity related for me....

Well I did sign up for Pokerstars I even tried a fun (play money) game, I got creamed horribly, I'm thinking maybe I should do some more reading before throwing myself in headfirst like that again. This wasn't your regular run of the mill losing, this was a beating of stupendous proportions... Gee thanks Wil for making it sound so cool and fun, you humiliated me I hope you're happy!

I also got my hands on the LOST dvd set and flew through them in just a couple of days, I knew I would like the show but schedule conflicts kept me from seeing it on TV. I feel confident when I say that LOST is such a good show FOX would have been forced to cancel it in a season or less. I'll most likely be adjusting my TiVo schedule so that I can pick up season 2 as it happens.

On a final note it's time once again for me to shill this writing space out begging for free stuff

First up Free Ipod Nano itty bitty but powerful, come one how could you not want one?

Next we have a classic Free iPod Yes this is for the older model, but think of it this way, you don't have to take the iPod you can also choose to receive a $250 certificate for iTunes thats a pretty healthy amount of music no? I could really use 2 more people to sign up and complete offers on this one.

We move onto iPod shuffle again even if you don't need or want the shuffle there is a paypal payment option, in fact they recently upped the amount to a very satisfying $125, how can you go wrong there?

Lastly we come to the mp3player4free link, much like the free iPod link only this one also lets you choose from an iRiver, a Zen Micro, an iPod Mini or $275. So what are you waiting for?

OK time to close this out, even if you don't want to help me get free stuff I'll close out by urging you to take yourself (and anyone else you can bring along with you) out to the movies on Sept. 30 to see Serenity, it would be very nice to make a huge opening weekend.

P.S. I ordered mine now you order yours!

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