Thursday, February 01, 2007

January 27, 2005

Kim Morgan is a genius

Ok maybe I can't back up that claim with fancy test scores but I assure you if you read some of her stuff you will see what I mean. Hell if you don't want to read you can even watch the clips of her appearances on TSS. I prefer her written work, she has more time to put thoughts out and her true personal style has a much better chance to shine.

I may not always agree with her thoughts on a film, but since when does anyone ever fully agree on anyone else about anything really especially entertainment, but she puts thought into what she writes, she explains her stance she makes you think, above all I believe she is effective she has managed to make me realize there are redeeming qualities about a few movies I used to not have the time of day for.

Here are some important links that you need to check out right now!....if you don't I'll kick a little kitten
Strange Impersonation: her column from
and at the bottom of her most recent column on MPS you can find links to her appearances on The Screen Savers
Here is a link to that article, the one that changed my thinking on Psycho 1998

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