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November 27, 2005

Too Short A Season

Yes I know, it has been a while since I last opened up my mind and let the letter fall to the keyboard. I don't have a real reason as to why it has been so long, I've just felt drained lately, no creative feelings whatsoever, in fact no energy or drive towards anything at all to be honest. It's not a great feeling, so I am making an effort to push myself. We will see how it goes. I do have a few things I would like to say, hopefully I can get them out in an understandable manner.

So lets go back a couple of weeks, back to Sunday November 13.
Why do I know that date so specifically? Because on that day something happened that hit me very hard. In fact (and rightfully so) it hit many many many people very hard.

On Sunday November 13th a man passed away. A man named Eddie Guerrero.

I have always been honest and clear with myself and others when I talk about wrestling. It isn't for everyone, I don't think someone should judge someone else because they do or do not like it. But if you are someone who doesn't particularly care about wrestling I still feel that a man like Eddie deserves your attention.

So what made Eddie such a special person? Many things;

Eddie had a charisma on the microphone that is very rarely matched. When Eddie wanted to be the good guy you loved him, when he wanted to play the bad guy you loved to hate him.
In the ring Eddie had the ability to make you forget yourself and just watch. He had that certain intangible ability that again not many truly have that allowed you to suspend disbelief and just watch the working and be amazed and entertained. When Eddie came out you knew you were about to witness some good entertainment. Eddie could tell you his stories in the ring wonderfully. He could convey drama, comedy, suspense, etc... and he conveyed it with apparent ease.

When Eddie passed away he was on 4 years of being sober. That itself is a very powerful thing, if nothing else you need to respect him for that. Actually no what you really should respect is not only the strength he had to stay sober for 4 years but you should really respect what gave him the strength to do that. Eddie had love for his family, a love strong enough to keep him sober, a love strong enough to keep him happy.

To be honest there is no way that my words can bring justice to the amazing story of Eddie Guerrero, so really why try, What I can do is hope that I convey through my muddled views and thoughts that Eddie has brought me (and millions of others) many great hours of entertainment and inspiration. Just because I never personally met Eddie doesn't mean that his passing didn't hurt, that should tell you a bit about Eddie itself. I never met the man and when I read the news it left a pit in my stomach that to be honest still has not gone away.

To close this I would just like to say one thing, Thank you Eddie. You will be missed very much and truly you will never be forgotten. I hope you have found peace at last.

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