Thursday, February 01, 2007

November 10, 2005

The Gamesters of Triskelion

Let me ask you this, why is it that I as someone who lives in the Pacific time zone am constantly being treated as a non entity by the Internet and TV?

Seriously, this happens all the time, anytime there is a big secret happening on a show, or say an elimination or something of that sort. Lets take a good example, let's randomly pick a scenario. How about ohhh I don't know, a show goes to repeats for three weeks, during those three weeks the next new episode is hyped a lot, in that hype they tell you that someone from the cast is not going to survive the episode. You avoid all kinds of spoilers for 3 weeks, then the day of the show about 15 minutes before start time you forget your rule of being Very careful on the net when it is within 3 hours of the show and SLAP the surprise is ruined.

Ok you got me, that wasn't random, that happened to me tonight. My homepage is a decent page that keeps you updated with AP news stories in categories. Here is the problem, I accidentally opened up to my homepage and in the title for one of the stories in the Entertainment section there was a Huge spoiler that gave away tonight's episode of LOST. Seriously this was 15 minutes before it aired in my market, how lame is that? I just don't understand, why on earth is it so important to blurt out the surprise in the title of your article, seems to me if you just say that you reveal the secret in the story it's more of a reason for someone to click on and read your writing. Shame on you Internet, shame shame.

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