Thursday, February 01, 2007

June 10, 2005

Broken Bow

So I'm upgrading finally to Movable Type 3.17 and it really isn't so tough for the most part. I am having a couple of small issues still though.

For one I seem to have broken MT Blacklist of course that could just require an upgrade too, that is next on my lst. Most annoying though is the fact that I can't seem to delete comments or trackback pings from the web interface anymore. The delete button is there, it just does nothing when clicked. So it's research time, we'll see how this goes.

Also I was reminded just how horrible the site looks on IE, luckily the other major browsers seem to work fine, if I remember correctly Safari even shows the page the way it is supposed to look (though I don't have a Mac to check that one out personally).

Well, back to the net to do some reasearchin'

And it was as easy as finding The Answer and moving a single file

My problem was simple, I didn't have the mt.js file in my static folder. Don't you love it when you overlook the small things?

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