Thursday, February 01, 2007

October 24, 2004

Clothes suck now

It really is weird, I know I've never been a "fashion" person. Usually I prefer to stick with the old t-shirt and jeans look. Perhaps a polo type shirt, nothing flashy but not shabby crappy either. I like it simple.

I go out today to pick up a couple new shirts perhaps some shoes and some boxers. Well I came home with a nice pair of shoes, and a shirt... Can somebody please explain to me why Everything in the store was either a button down dress style shirt, or (and this would make up about 80% of the available shirts) a hoody of some sort. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with people who like hoodies, but I'm not one of them and I won't pay money for one, especially a tank top hoody, which just seems wrong to me. After sifting through all the hoodies and buttons I finally found the t-shirt section, sadly it was all sports related, three teams actually; The Beavers, The Ducks, and for some reason The Raiders. Come on, if I'm buying sports merchandise its gonna say Sooners on it somewhere, so t-shirts were out. I ended up with a plain long sleeve black shirt, not bad but not spectacular either. I'm just glad I was able to escape the store without being forced to buy a damn hoody... scary stuff.

Next onto boxers, wait all they had were either cheap wear three times and watch them rip to shreds, or goofy ass "hey look my boxers are funny" boxers. SKIP

Shoes however were easy, in fact it was difficult to choose a pair. Like I said fashion isn't so important to me as being non intrusive and neutral. I ended up with a nice pair of black leather route 66s, They rock by the way.

What did I learn today? That I must plan more time to do my shopping as I'm obviously going to have to go searching to find anything I like at a price I'm willing (and able) to pay.... Next time I'm just going to order from Think Geek

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