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January 09, 2006


So, it's a new year I see.. Well my friends it has been a while again hasn't it? A lot has happened since last I put pen to paper, or more accurately finger to keyboard.

Where to start, how bout with the depressing stuff, that way it only goes up. So on Christmas Eve we had some of the family over to celebrate, basically just my brothers and sister and their families, during the night my Grandma's health started declining very fast, it had been coming for a couple of days, but she did bounce between up and down so we could never be sure. Anyway, it was becoming clear that this was the big dip down, she pretty much fell asleep that night and sleep on until the 27th when she passed away. As you can imagine this put a bit of a damper on the holiday. I personally had pretty much made my peace with the whole thing over the course of the last year or so, so when it happened I wasn't so much sad as relieved that she was finally at rest. This unfortunately lead to me many times in the days following feeling as if I was in the wrong, as I wasn't grieving the same way everyone else was... a lot of tears and hugging, perhaps I am in the wrong who knows?

So of course following the news we contacted everyone we could get a hold of, there was however one horrible incident. One of my moms brothers. You see long ago we were a very tight family, got together very often, well when this uncle of mine got a divorce about 14 years ago he pulled away, he fell into his own little world. What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well, he barely saw his own mother since then, I mean very little, in the last 14 years he saw her maybe 6 times, and most of that was because his children dragged him with them. So my Dad called him that morning because Mom was in no condition to be talking to people, he was very short and curt with Dad. Cut to a couple of days later, his daughter who lives in California calls, we assume it is to find out about the funeral time and stuff.

As it turns out she was calling to see if she could stop by and see Grandma on her way to the airport to go home, We assumed her dad would have called her and spread the news to the kids we didn't have contact info for.. He didn't, what is worse is one of his sons was living with him at the time (he has moved for work since) and she had been in town for two weeks staying with him... He never told them that their Grandmother passed away... That is a very very messed up thing for someone to do. Luckily my cousin was able to stay in town long enough to come to the funeral and along with her brother represent their part of the family that couldn't make it. It was nice getting to see them again since it has been a long time, if only the circumstances had been better...

But that is all behind us now, we can only go forward from here, and go forward we will. Unfortunately for me, Grandma's passing also places me jobless as my job for over a year now had been home care for her, I'm not sure where I head from here hopefully somewhere good, but at least I do know now that I've done one thing good in my life in making her last time here as comfortable as I possibly could.

What will you remember about 2005? For me, no matter how good some of the stuff in the middle of the year was I will remember that at the beginning of the year (February) My Dad's Father passed away, and at the end of the year (December) my Mom's Mother passed. How is that for depressing bookends?

So next week I head to visit friends in Michigan again for my yearly trip, I had it planned out ahead of time which is probably good because other wise I may have had to skip it, but a bought ticket is a bought ticket so you have to use it. Or at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

So I'll cut this short for now since I have probably beaten my old record for longest run-on sentence and most tiring paragraph (a record I set back when I was in ITT, the run-on sentence record is second only to my award for perfect use of the semicolon which I got a few months later. How is that for range? And now I am running for president of the parenthesis society!). More posts to come soon I hope, I've found a few cool new things to mess around with online. Also I plan on uploading some pics from the family stuff of late, probably to the moblog, but maybe one or two in here as well... Not sure if I'll be able to post anything from the Michigan trip while I'm there hopefully I can though. I need this trip to be fun.

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