Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 04, 2004

Godsend ... who really sent it?

A few days ago I ended up seeing Godsend, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on it as I've been known to do on occasion., I'll try and separate them in some form of orderly way in my chaotic fashion.

The Good
Greg Kinnear He quite possibly puts out the best acting performance in the movie. He goes through a ton of emotion here, he gets the task a lot of the time to push things along and attempt to keep them flowing. To his credit he does about as good a job as possible. Kinnear's job this time around did something he really hasn't done too often in the past, he made me forget to think "hey he's the guy from Talk Soup", not that it's been all that big of a problem in his other performances.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Let me get the first thing out of the way first, I'm going to be very biased in my opinion of her that should be clear from the get go. Moving on, point number one She's HOT, smoking hot really, excruciatingly debilitating painfully hot. Okay now that I have that out of the way let me get to the real deal, being hot is good and all but it can actually work against you in the acting points department. What am I getting at you ask, Romijn does a beautiful acting job in this flick as well. Not a huge surprise actually she does a great job in almost all of her acting endeavors, she pushes herself to do a good job and it shows through as a fan I can really appreciate this a very good thing.

Robert De Niro You don't need me to tell you De Niro can act, once again he did a great job. He did as good as he possibly could with what he had to work with..

The general feeling of the flick was decently creepy and suspenseful, there were some nice directing tricks used to this effect.

The Bad
The plot just fell flat. There was so much that could have been, I wanted the movie to be great, I wanted it to head in certain directions, I just wanted and I was disappointed.

Going along with the plot line falling flat the movie just seemed rushed a lot of the time, there was a lot of repetitive style dialog.

Way too predictable, sometimes I have to not count this as a minus for movies since I seem to be able to pick up whats going to happen pretty easily, but there were points during the movie where I actually heard others figuring it out and sharing it with the people next to them. I'm of he belief that in an entire theater full of varied movie goers there should be more than one person who doesn't figure it out, sadly this movie didn't fit that requirement.

The movie was just so disappointing because it looked very intriguing, that hurts a film in the long run and it hurt me when I was watching.

The open ending to the movie leaving a LOT of room for a sequel, I find this move to be very lame in a lot of cases but extra so in this case as there were just way WAY too many holes that were left open for a second movie (most likely a straight to DVD title if it gets made at all). It wasn't cool for Super Mario Brothers and it's not cool here.
The middle of the road
Cameron Bright I'll probably take a beating for this but I wasn't all that impressed with his job here. Ok true he had in essence two and a half character styles to play, but still he wasn't overly impressive in doing them. The performance wasn't without it's merit though, he has the creepy thing down pretty well, although that could just be me and the fact that I find most 8-12 year olds extremely creepy (and lets not get into what I think about the teen years). I do give the kid credit for being part of The Butterfly Effect which was a Great movie.

The overall outcome left a lot to be desired while still providing an adequate amount of entertainment. Unfortunately I'm afraid that a lot of the creepiness that helped make the movie watchable may be lost when it hist the small screen.

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