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May 05, 2004


Tonight was the third to last episode, and I must say it was a Good very very Fun show tonight. Let me try the formula I attempted last night with the movie review, good bad and mix, let's see what direction this takes. It will be fun, we can be surprised together.

The Good
Anytime Angel and Spike and their back and forth bantering is the focal point of a scene you have my full attention, they just play off of each other beautifully.

This episode was definitely the "funny" episode of the season, I love the way that Angel can be totally serious one minute and completely hilarious the next and still stay on track with the story and not totally take away from the overall plot line.

All of the stuff with "The Immortal" was great, especially the fact that you never actually get to see the man himself.

Amy Acker, How perfect is she at creating two completely different characters with just her facial expressions and the tone of her voice.

The Bad
One scene with Lorne? Usually I enjoy a few good smart alec comments from him, True there wasn't a lot of spare space to squeeze him in this week but he is an asset use him more than once please.

Gunn, sporting a little too much attitude a little to early after just coming back. I have the feeling this got rushed because of the early demise of the show but still it seemed a little out of place.

Seeing how good the show was and realizing there is only two more episodes after this, That is really the worst feeling of all.

In the Middle
Andrew again, not that I'm unhappy to see an old member of the Buffyvere and I completely understand that others had previous commitments but it would have been nice to see more than just Andrew. In fact, why is Andrew being so friendly to Angel and Spike again, he's a part of the new Scoobies right? And last we heard from them they didn't want to have anything to do with Angels gang because of their association with Wolfram & Hart, so whats up with that?

Julie Benz and Juliet Landau's brief cameo appearance. Way funny, Way too short.

Fred/Illeria throwback. This has to go in a mix because even though it's cool to see the "old" Fred, but also it's pretty sad too. Amy Acker is still on the show, that's true but the character Fred is gone and is missed Illeria has her own intrigue but she's no Fred.

A lot of ends are getting tied up, I call this a mixed bag again because it spells the end is near and that is just not so fun to think about, but seeing the story come together is very nice.

My overall feeling of this weeks show is a most definite thumbs up.

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