Thursday, February 01, 2007

March 03, 2004

I robot

I have this problem, if I go over something I have written for a second viewing I start seeing all of these errors that just need to be fixed. I don't mean normal errors I mean I see problems where none probably exist and then what happens is I edit, then re-edit, then re-edit again and by the time I'm done all that I am left with is words that appear (at least to me) as if they were written by some sort of robot. The real unfortunate part about that is by the time I get that far in the old attention span problems kick in and I have to make the decision just to send it as is.

I need a way to fix the real problems with my writing while still maintaining the original feeling that was present during the creation. Let's just say if I ever did accidently write any kind of book or novel I would most likely be signing most of my checks over to some very overworked editors.

I remember a long time ago I did have the problem a little bit under check, but then I basically quit writing for a few years and my bad habits all found their way back into rotation.

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