Thursday, February 01, 2007

March 02, 2004


I freely admit that I absolutely 100% no doubt about it undeniably stole this idea from Here
Of course, if I don't know you yet odds are you stopped by directly from her site and you already know that.

I used to have to do these things weekly as an exercise in a writing class thing I was once in .... on to the show.

Acutely banal
Carrying dire emotions
Feeling great happiness
Invariably jesting
Keenly living
Meandering nature
Obliviously paranoid
Quaintly resilient
Sometimes troubled
uncharacteristic valiant
weirdly Xanthic
yearning zest

In other thoughts, that Pepsi/iTunes promotion is great, so far I've downloaded 3 Toby Keith song, and two bits off of Comedy cd's. Sadly I'm falling prey to the promotion monster and am now hoping to pay for the full version of one of the comedy cd's this month (Ron White in case your curious).

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