Thursday, February 01, 2007

March 04, 2004


It's pretty obvious that I am pretty loyal to certain writers, certain directors... stuff like that.

What does that all mean? Well, a couple of years ago I heard that Joss Whedon was going to have a third show on the air (remember this is back when both Buffy and Angel were around) This show was going to be a "labor of love" for him. That alone was enough to get me to check it out for at least 3 episodes. Time went by and I heard more and more about the show, and consequently I became more and more excited to see it. I mean it sounded like a fun show, it sounded like a unique enough idea, it sounded pretty damn good.

Eventually, after much anticipation and biting of nails Firefly finally hit the air. I loved the show, I even watched the repeats (which is something I rarely do) I thought the show would make it and I would be happy for many a year to come. I was wrong, 11 episodes and the plug was pulled.

All is not lost however, like I said this show was apparently like a baby to Joss and like any father he could not just let it die without a fight. Our of "Firefly" "Serenity" was born, Serenity being the name of the movie that has recently been greenlit. This is fantastic news if you ask me I believe the story of Firefly will lend it self perfectly to the big screen. This also means I have a reason to fight and kick and yell and get myself a copy of the Firefly DVD set. With money being short it kind of got shoved behind living expenses, but I'm quite sure by the time the movie is even halfway done being filmed I will have watched the set at least 2 times.

a couple quick links Variety press release
AICN release

One more TV related side note, through my readings I also found out that Boston Public and Star Trek Enterprise are both pretty close to not coming back next season. It seems as though I might have some depressing times next season, and a lot more free time. ..... If all of my favorite programs go off the air and that horrible horrible Oliver Beene stays on, I am quite certain that after the initial 6 or so months of complete psychotic madness I will vow a heinous and angry revenge upon the entertainment business. Also can we please do something about the amount of reality tv shows please?

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