Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 15, 2004

removing the Shell

so last week in the background I had The Screen Savers on. I wasn't actually paying it a ton of attention, I was playing a game at the time, but I did hear Sarah Lane talking about Litestep a replacement for the Windows Shell.. also known as Explorer. Last night I was particularly bored and I realized exactly how much I truly hate explorer. I mean come on, it's a resource hog, it's not particularly special, and most inappropriately it is standard and unoriginal.

What did I do about it? Why I remembered the name Litestep because I had heard about it before, I mean in the past, and then again just the last week. My next step of course was researching it a little without wasting too much time actually reading. My first stop was at The Screensavers article found here which then of course led me both to and to

after a little download (practically nothing in the day and age of DSL and Cable) I had the shell ready to install, and so I did. Next step, going through themes to get a feel for whats out there.

There were a few good ones that I liked;
Symax - the one I am currently using
Aquazone which looked cool but wasn't great for my needs
Wise Dragon which just look awesome, but could use a little tweaking for my taste

those were my starter themes, although I'm still looking for better/cooler/different ones. I'll probably spend some time in message boards tonight. That is of course if I can pull myself away from Neverwinter Nights.

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