Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 15, 2004

The rest of last week AKA thumbs down

In a nutshell

Tuesday night, talked with a friend who has been after me to apply where he is working. I ended up applying, sending him my resume ... he gave it to his boss who asked me to mail him.. so I did

Wednesday, got a reply in the AM asking when a good time to interview on Friday would be. We agreed on a time and I spent the rest of the day feeling good.

Thursday, spent the day stressing over the technical aspects that the job would require, I did review on Dos. 5.0, Netware 3.-- and 5.0, and win xp - 2003. Had issues sleeping

Friday, went to the interview, as usual was too nervous with the anti social thing I have going... Was told that I just didn't have the previous experience that I needed.... went home depressed

The one thing I will say, is the guy that interviewed me was a super cool guy, very nice, even gave me advice and everything and encouragement.. but still giving a bad interview and being told no right away is a very hard pill to swallow.

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