Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 19, 2004

Calling UPN, TNT, USA, HBO, Showtime, CBS, NBC.. anyone who is listening...

I personally hope that Angel gets picked up by some network and we get at least one more season, even if it will be a last one. Buffy took it's entire last season and used it to build up to the series finale from the beginning, Angel deserves the same treatment.

On a different not, yesterday I got a chance to watch American Wedding the uncut version. I had of course seen it in the theater so I knew I really liked the movie (probably more actually I liked American Pie 2). The extras made the DVD really cool though. First off, don't watch this movie or especially this cut if you are offended by language and suggestive comments and nudity. I thought it was hilarious, in that really uncomfortable/inappropriate way though.

Not only are the extra scenes in the movie great, but some of the other extras work out nicely as well, especially the "Speaking Stiffler" video.

Unfortunately I rented the movie instead of buying it, but when the $$$ comes in that one is really going in my collection.

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