Thursday, February 01, 2007

May 25, 2004

American Idol

I just am not enjoying the show anymore at all, Fantasia seems like a nice person but her voice jives with me in a very very bad way. Her voice has that Macy Gray quality that just drives me up a wall. I will say she has a tremendous stage presence and a professionalism that is very good, but I just can't listen to her singing and enjoy it, and what really kills me is the way the judges drool all over her. Diana, again seems nice but her singing just seems coached and forced even her audience participation please seem faked. Maybe it's like Simon says, she's just too young I don't know, but for me the worst was when she attempted to sing Aretha that was TORTURE to me.

I firmly believe the two that should be here this week especially with retrospect and all of this hindsight, Jennfer Hudson and Latoya London.

I'll be watching tomorrow night (or possibly Saturday morning on my TiVo) But I couldnt' care less who wins, and if my mom didn't want to see the end I certainly wouldn't be wasting my time.

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