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May 25, 2004

Abridged Movie Review : Shrek 2

Not to form a pattern here in these reviews but Shrek is truly beautiful. The animation takes the look from Shrek 1 and increases the detail at least 4 times, Hair looks like real hair, Shreks vest appears to be a real material, every movement was very fluid and pretty. Of course we aren't going for realism in this movie are we, so skin tone/shading is supposed to be cartoonish and that it does, I loved the imagery.

Extremely Basic Plotline Explanation. Shrek and Fiona get an invite from Fiona's parents to return home to their kingdom for the celebration of Fiona's marriage. The catch, they think Fiona was rescued and consequently married to Prince Charming (Yep that's the guys name), also they are under the impression that "the kiss" restored their daughter to her beautiful human form.

Ok, the good stuff, this movie is very funny, a lot of pop references and jokes but not all of them necessarily current pop in fact a couple of them even stretch my time frame of being into the pop culture, of course this is there to keep the older viewers happy while not alienating the younger viewers. The story here is fairly light but it keeps the movie running pretty well and allows for some great jokes along the way. The voice work is very good, even Meyers' (somewhat overused but still in my eyes funny) Scottish accent is fitting it even sounds like he has toned it down a bit. The running time, isn't it weird I would bring up running time in a good light? Well I am, this movie is timed very well, it seemed to keep the younger viewers in there seats (not counting of course the ones that were too young to be taken to a theater of course) it also didn't bore the older viewers by being too short or long like I said the pacing was very well done. Good stuff, I won't be able to end this section if I don't mention 3 words.... Puss In Boots!

Lower points, They made reference to Dragon, but come on am I the only one that wanted to see what she would look like with the new updated look? Also I know it's a cartoon and a younger based movie so I can't expect all the story to be realistic, but they portrayed Fiona as a little bit dumb in a few parts (Her parents aren't going to be upset about her being an ogre? She can't tell it's not Shrek right away???). There are some small holes here and there, a few things that seemed like they should happen but then didn't that kinda of is a nagging feeling but not until after you think about the flick for a couple days (or maybe I just have a sick mind). The lip sync is better than in the first movie but still not quite perfect, better get to workin' on Shrek 3 to fix that one more Puss In Boots please...

Overall this is a thumbs up type of movie, I'm sure I'll be getting the 2 disc collectors edition of the DVD as soon as it's released.

Also I would implore movie goers taking their little ones to this movie, Please if the showing is after 6 or so PM wait until tomorrow to bring the small babies and very small/uncooperative/non movie friendly kids.

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