Thursday, February 01, 2007

June 08, 2004

President Reagan February, 6 1911 - June, 5 2004

There are all kinds of intense thoughts going through my head about this, I'm not sure I can put them down to word correctly but I'm sure going to try. The death did not surprise me, as I'm sure it didn't surprise pretty much anybody. It's no secret his health had been failing for quite a while so like I say death was not unexpected. Still it has the sting of shock, nobody likes to think about such things especially when it pertains to heros such as presidents. President Reagan was somewhat of a staple throughout my entire life, he was president when I was born, and he remained president until I was 8 years old. Obviously I was not exactly aware of who he was until near the end of his presidency. Later however I did go and research him and read up on his stances and what he did and what type of man he was. What did I learn? I did not agree with a lot of his political stances and ideas, but that can be said of any concerned citizen about any president, I do not believe in following someone blindly simply because the majority voted him in (or the minority voted him in if we are talking current times). So as a president Mr. Reagan would have had my support as a leader only in so many ways, 'some' of his economics made sense a few policies here and there but nothing big. As a president he was on my ok list. As an American he is tops and golden, he worked hard, he most definitely loved this country, he liked to have fun, and he loved his wife very very much to me these things not only make him a good American but a good man as well. I would just like to remind myself of a couple small facts here, Reagan was the oldest man to be elected President of the United States, and the important thing to remember here, Reagan had the longest lifespan of any other president. and now to keep this brief so I may stop rambling here is a quote of his that I personally enjoy, and there just a ton of wonderful quotes from this man so choosing just one was difficult. Reading through some of them online really reminded me of one of Reagan's strengths, he could talk, and do a beautiful job of it (unlike some other presidents). "It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?"

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